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Vaccine Safety Intelligence

Meet blueRover, the reliable all-in-one system that helps you keep your vaccine safe and your patients protected.

Sensory Intelligence for Your Business

A full experience from dashboard to device

Desktop ScreenSafeRx Dashboard
Phone ScreenSafeRx Dashboard on Mobile
BlueRover Sensor
Real-Time Dashboard

At-a-glance information status

Instant Alerts

Tailor your alerts to your business

Incidents Hub

In-app team communication

Analytics & Reporting

Uncover patterns and improve results

Keep Your Customers Safe By Assuring Vaccine Potency

The best pharmacy chains in the world can use the Internet of Things to prove vaccine potency and automate their public health reporting. This all ensures their customers are safe.


We Want To Help You Improve

BlueRover is focused on helping you where it matters

Provide a Better Experience

Prove vaccine and medication potentcy to differentiate your business in the marketplace all while providing better patient outcomes.

Mitigate Risk

Use continuous data points to prove vaccine temperature to clients and public health.

Increase Compliance

Automate the public health vaccine reporting process. Provide real-time alerts on temperature non-compliance to key stakeholders.

Decrease Costs

Avoid equipment failures by using the temperature graphs as an indicator on when service is required.

An Advanced System To Monitor Your Business

BlueRover Gateway

Easy to Install

Small form factor and specially designed firmware allows for sensors to be easily installed inside assets with no external cables required.


End-to-end security from sensor to server allows for peace of mind that your data is secure from anyone that is not part of your team.


Designed and built by blueRover engineers, the hardware system provides the highest level of reliability.

Long Battery Life

Every sensor has a battery life of 5 years which eliminates the need for ongoing maintenance.

OTA Update

All sensors on the blueRover platform have the ability to be updated over-the-air through the wireless network.

Self-Healing Network

Adding more sensors is as simple as adding a line to the application. The blueRover network automatically picks up new sensors with no additional hardware configuration required.

Our Valued Customers

"Having had the system in my stores for a couple of months, I can think of more than once it's helped me stay temperature compliant and in good standing with public health"
Scott Hannay, Remedy's Rx pharmacy owner

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See how blueRover can help your business use automated monitoring to save you time and money!

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